My Story

Hi I’m Sally and I know only too well the depressing effects long term pain can have on your life. I suffered from lower back pain for many years whilst working as a Police officer and it was only after numerous unsuccessful appointments with specialists that I finally found relief in the form of Pilates. Since my first Pilates class almost 20 years ago I have never looked back.

Without Pilates in my life I would be simply unable to engage in, and enjoy, life as I do now. I am eternally grateful to my Pilates teacher for passing on the wonderful gift of health.

I am fortunate to have two wonderful, healthy children, Poppy and Andrew. I’m also a keen runner and this hobby was instigated by the arrival of a deliriously happy Cocker spaniel called Ozwald who only ever calms down if he has ran at least 5 miles a day. Oswald was my training partner for the Edinburgh marathon which I completed in 2009 (sadly Ozwald wasn’t allowed to take part). He is now 12 years old and still inspires (or should I say ‘persuades’) me to run as often as possible.

I am Co-founder of Theliferaft.org (with my husband Rob), through which we teach Meditation and Mindfulness to individuals and businesses to help them overcome stress and worry.

My other passion (don’t tell Oswald) is a beautiful thoroughbred horse called Toby. I ride him whenever I get chance.